Why Don’t You Know This Already?

    If you feel like the Bruce Springsteen song, 57 Channels (and nothing’s on), this blog can fix that for you. There’s great stuff out there that will move the needle for you, making you think and feel something strongly. Get comfortable; I’ll point it out for you.

    Three Reasons Why You Need a Hug After Watching Black Mirror.

    Recently, when Black Mirror 's fourth season debuted on Netflix, a friend posted on social media that he was about to watch the new season and soon would need a hug. That's spot on. For several years now, the anthology show with no filter whatsoever has delighted, outraged and terrorized viewers with the most compelling ideas in television's second...
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    Naturalism in Dystopian Films

    I had a great conversation recently with a senior studying film at Boston College. At one point, the topic turned to stories set in a dystopian future. Dystopian films have always been my favorites since I was a kid. I remember my father getting me interested in the 1968 sci-fi classic Planet of The Apes , starring Charlton Heston. It's a movie mos...
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    Gimme Shelter - Cinema Verité, The Rolling Stones and The Inspiration for Emil Bozak

    I watched Albert and David Maysles' documentary Gimme Shelter in an 300-level Documentary Film class while I was in college. Not many of my friends who also were pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, TV & Film took that class. There were several documentaries on the syllabus that ran over three hours, some of which were black-and-white, some of...
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    Inspiration for The CrowdSource7

    Dying Light begins with documentary filmmaker Benjamin Beal working on an enormous real-time documentary named The CrowdSource7 . Shot on seven sets in major cities across the U.S., the project documents what happens when the public comes face-to-face with a strangers who need an organ donation to save their lives. During the shoot, anyone can come...
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