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    Dying Light

    “Texas culture and personas blend with specifics on documentary filming and angles and Benjamin's choices and changes, melding together a seemingly-disparate set of observations from a filmmaker who finds himself drawn into his latest production in a way he couldn't have anticipated.” - The Midwest Book Review

    Meet the main characters from Dying Light.
    As documentary filmmaker Benjamin Beal flies across the nation on the biggest production of his career, a story from his past sneaks up on him. Years of conflict with his mentor, the legendary artist Emil Bozak, come into focus following Emil’s simple call for help. Surrounded by conflict with partners, former employees and members of his own production crews, Benjamin leaves his massive production for a remote area of The Texas Hill Country to join Bozak for one last production. In a rustic ranch house seated along a lazy Texas river, Benjamin’s encounters with a cowboy Zen master, a rocking ER doctor and the locals of far-flung Uvalde County deflect him onto an unexpected spiritual journey. In his debut novel Dying Light, Donald Griswold unveils a man’s journey toward redemption through interwoven stories. Documentary filmmaker Benjamin Beal lives a life of observation and aesthetic distance. Surrounded by broken relationships and uneasy alliances, Benjamin’s single-minded drive for achievement strikes a nagging, disillusioned chord. With wry humor and touching dialogue, Griswold offers insight into a consummate artist’s warming to awareness.

    Short Stories

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    Big Cowboy on Fire

    One afternoon in 1948, a young ranch hand takes a stroll in Greenville, Texas.  He’ll soon marry his sweetheart and everything seems to be going his way. Only it’s not 1948; it’s 2012.

    Texas By Night

    Under the enormous nighttime sky of West Texas, a man sets off on an unanticipated walk away from the highway while driving home for the Thanksgiving holiday.


    An unusual aperetíf, a mysterious dopplegänger and the crashing sounds of restless ocean all play a role in a man’s decision on how to deal with devastating loss.
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