Live Storytelling

    & Personal Memoirs

    Memoirs and Storytelling

    Donald writes personal memoirs and performs them in a variety of lectures, literary shows and storytelling shows. Along with musician/songwriter George Bradford, Donald hosts and performs in Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations, a literary road show featuring local artists.

    Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations

    Author Donald Griswold and songwriter/musician George Bradford host Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations which features casts of local artists telling stories and performing.

    Guest Lectures and Storytelling Features

    Donald Griswold enjoys guest lecturing at colleges, universities and literary events.  Donald has guest lectured on the subjects of English Literature, Literature in Film, and Humanities.

    Live Performance

    Donald Griswold has appeared in the critically-acclaimed Push The Envelope and Best of Season 5 of Dallas storytelling stage show Oral Fixation and has read from Dying Light at Truth & Daring.

    September, 2015
    Oral Fixation Appearance

    Donald Griswold’s performance in Oral Fixation was voted by the public as the best story of the show themed Push The Envelope.

    On September 16, 2015, Donald appeared in Oral Fixation, Dallas’ longest running and most critically-acclaimed live storytelling show.  The story and performance was Donald‘s first performance as a writer and memoirist.

    What Inspires You?

    Artists perform and tell stories of their inspirations in each edition of Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations.  Author Donald Griswold and musician/songwriter George Bradford host the show featuring local artists.  In 2018, Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations will visit Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Nashville and more cities.  Seats are limited at each performance.

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