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    Live at Majestic Theater September 23, 2023

    CrowdSource for Life is a unique storytelling show featuring non-directed living kidney donors... people who give kidneys away to strangers...telling their fascinating true stories about their experience with extreme altruism.  This one-night only show is scheduled for the historic Majestic Theater, a 100 year-old in the heart of Downtown Dallas.

    Produced by Donald Griswold’s Maitri River Productions, CrowdSource for Life is a fusion of storytelling by our society’s most extreme altruists with engaging stage performance created by a hand-picked team of North Texas’ brightest creative minds.  

    CrowdSource for Life will be recorded live on September 23rd as the basis for Abundant, Donald Griswold‘s documentary feature film on the human experience of giving.

    Check back soon for ticket information for CrowdSource for Life.

    Note from Donald about Live Performance

    There is nothing like the tension of performance before a live audience. Whether it is extemporaneous or a scripted performance, I enjoy watching the individual reactions of the audience members.  It’s that satisfying feeling that comes with bringing the words to life that keeps me coming back for more.
    As a storyteller and memoirist, Donald Griswold has appeared in the critically-acclaimed Push The Envelope and Best of Season 5 of Dallas storytelling stage show Oral Fixation, and appeared at Dallas’ Truth & Daring.  He also co-headlined Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.

    The public voted Donald Griswold’s performance as the best story Oral Fixation’s Push The Envelope show in 2015

    On September 16, 2015, Donald appeared in Oral Fixation, Dallas’ longest running and most critically-acclaimed live storytelling show.  The story and performance was Donald‘s first performance as a writer and memoirist.

    Driver 8: Donald’s and his friends start a band

    Donald and some of his closest friends share a love for music, which gave birth to Driver 8, an rock & roll cover band influenced heavily by a favorite band of theirs, REM.  Donald is a lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the band. Driver 8 plays Dallas, Texas and will figure out how to tour one day.